RedSocks Security signs PIB Collaboration Agreement

Monday, 11 July 2016 – RedSocks Security as well as a consortium of other Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) signed a collaboration agreement. The agreement “Partners for International Business (PIB)” can lead to opportunities for Dutch businesses worldwide. The 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be hosted in Japan. The Japanese government is looking for ways to protect its critical infrastructure from cyber threats in preparation for the Games. The…

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New financing round raises €2.7 million

RedSocks Security continues its international expansion The Hague, NL 4th of July 2016 RedSocks Security, the award winning cyber security corporation headquartered in The Hague, today announces that it will continue to focus on the international market. In order to realize an increased pace, RedSocks Security raised €2.7 million in a new financing round from a group of private-equity investors. “There is an increasing demand in and outside Europe for our advanced cyber security solution.…

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Product Manager RedSocks, Rick Hofstede, promoveert op het onderwerp Flow-based compromise detection

Vandaag promoveert productmanager Rick Hofstede aan de Universiteit Twente op het onderwerp ‘Flow-based compromise detection’. RedSocks is sinds haar oprichting in 2013 een bedrijf dat op innovatieve wijze malware detecteert op basis van bestemmingen en gedragingen in verkeersgegevens uit grote netwerken. Dit wordt gedaan op basis van indicatoren die gegenereerd worden in tal van eigen labs door onder andere op grote schaal malware te analyseren. Dankzij eerdere publicaties van de Universiteit Twente heeft RedSocks er…

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CIO City 2016

CIO City – Amsterdam 27-28 June 2016 RedSocks will have a stand at CIO City. For the seventh consecutive year CIONET gathers over 200 top thought leaders and IT professionals around vital topics to make digital leaders more successful in the immediate future. This yearly conference has grown to become the most inspiring and insightful event of the year! With its interactive workshops, multiple CIO speeches, keynote addresses and networking opportunities, this event has proven…

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RedSocks nominated Best Security Provider of the year!

RedSocks has been nominated for Best Security Provider of the year! Jury statement: The way RedSocks monitores network traffic enables organisations to detect threats in real-time. This makes it easier for organisations to comply with the new Dutch legislation “Meldplicht Datalekken”, that enforces organisations to notify authorities when data breaches occur. For Example Syntrophos, one of RedSocks’ customers, wanted to test the advantages of RedSocks first-handed. During the tests some cyber security issues came to…

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RedSocks Connect – 6th of July

Wednesday July 6th, RedSocks is hosting another ‘RedSocks Connect!’ event to inform our customers, partners and anyone who has in interest in RedSocks about the business value RedSocks Malicious Threat Detection provides together with industry trends. We will start at 2pm and conclude with a networking session and drinks around 5 pm. This is your chance to learn more about RedSocks Malicious Threat Detection and meet the RedSocks team! If you wish to attend ‘RedSocks…

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RedSocks moved to a new office!

Cyber Security Specialist RedSocks has moved to a more modern, better situated office in order to improve our service provision to our customers. The new office will allow customers, partners and stakeholder to better interact with RedSocks. The office is situated at Laan van Nieuw-Oost Indië 133f, 2593 BM Den Haag, The Netherlands, right next to the well known Scheveningen. As we have moved to a different location, our phone number has changed consequently. You…

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NTU, TNO and RedSocks Cyber Security collaborate to combat targeted cyber attacks

In the past years, advanced targeted cyber-attacks have established themselves as a great concern to corporations, governments and even societies as a whole. While information espionage is still a key motive, attacks on critical infrastructures are a growing threat as was demonstrated by several recent incidents. To become resilient against these threats, organisations worldwide need to closely monitor their IT infrastructures, applying cutting edge detection mechanisms to identify malicious activity as early as possible. Nanyang…

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RedSocks Security Appoints New Advisory Board Member David Finn

RedSocks will be moving to a new office

Cyber Security Specialist RedSocks will be moving to a new office near The Hague Security Delta by the end of May 2016 due to its continuing growth. Next to that RedSocks will be represented internationally by offices from partners in Japan and China. A large Chinese multinational in high-tech components started using RedSocks for monitoring their networks and detect malicious threats. Furthermore, RedSocks signed up a branch of the Turkish bank Anadolu. Read the full…

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RedSocks Connect!

RedSocks is hosting RedSocks Connect! on the 19th of May at The Hague Security Delta in The Hague. At RedSocks Connect! we will be unfolding the new release of RedSocks and present its new functionalities and benefits. Customers, Partners, Stakeholders, Individuals and everybody who wants to learn more about RedSocks and its new Software Release is happily invited to attend on the 19th of May. We will start at 2pm and conclude with a networking…

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National Privacy Event

RedSocks will be attending the National Privacy Event at the World Forum in The Hague, the Netherlands on the 16th of June 2016. The National Privacy event will revolve around the new legislation, which makes it mandatory for corporations and organization to notify the authorities about data breaches (Wet Meldplicht Datalekken). Data breaches often occur when cybercriminals have comprised the systems and networks of corporations. As RedSocks enables corporations to detect malicious attacks and behaviors…

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Privacy Seal – RedSocks takes data protection serious

At RedSocks we see first hand that cyber criminals are targeting sensitive information of corporations more than ever before. RedSocks aims to prevent data leakage of sensitive information by detecting actions of cyber criminals as fast as possible through the usage of its malicious detection solution. Naturally, RedSocks also handles data from customer and employees whose privacy we protect and respect to the greatest extent possible. To underline the effectiveness of our protective measures, RedSocks…

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Dimension Data op weg naar huis sessie: Meldplicht datalekken

(Dutch Event) De Nederlandse overheid vindt dat wij allemaal bewuster met onze data moeten omgaan. Door een wijziging in de Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens is sinds 1 januari 2016 de Meldplicht voor datalekken van kracht. De naleving hiervan is niet langer vrijblijvend. Op straffe van een boete die kan oplopen tot 810.000,- euro per hoofdelijke aansprakelijke. Bedrijven moeten vanaf 1 januari alle malware die een datalek kan veroorzaken in hun netwerk melden en op een deskundige…

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RedSocks proud sponsor of Science4Kids

RedSocks announces to be a proud sponsor of Science4Kids. Science4Kids is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to providing scientific education to children in elementary school. Its mission is to ensure that children will receive additional educating and have a better understanding of subjects such as coding, 3D design, physics, electronics and science. Science4Kids provides children with fun, educational programs in which children get hands-on experience in these subjects. Children using various tools such as…

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IoT Asia 2016

RedSocks will be attending the Internet of Things ASIA 2016 event this year. This event will take place on the 30-31 of March in Singapore EXPO, in Singapore.  IoT Asia 2016 will highlight key areas critical to the development and the future of Internet of Things in Asia.Cyber Security and Risk Management Approaches to Security in the Age of IoT will be one of the key topics.  The Internet of Things is opening up a…

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ICT Café The Hague, March 24-Internet of Things

RedSocks is present at the next ICT Cafe in The Hague on March 24th, at the Museum voor Communicatie in The Hague. Visitors of the event during the mini symposium  can listen to panel discussion around: What is IoT ? What can we do with IT? How can IoT help the developments in the city, specifically in The Hague? 16.00-18.00 uur: Smart Tables, pitches and information market.  Come and visit our stand and find out how RedSocks…

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Enterprise Security & Risk Management (ESRM)

RedSocks will be attending the Enterprise Security & Risk Management (ESRM) event this year. This event will take place on the 2nd of December in Hotel Russell, London. ESRM is the UK’s leading strategy event for Infosec, Cyber Security and Risk Management professionals across every major business sector. At ESRM professionals come to discuss the latest industry developments and identify the most pressing security risks of tomorrow. Come talk to us and learn how RedSocks…

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Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

Manage Risk and Deliver Security in a Digital World Validate your security and risk management strategy, so you can see what needs to be improved, kept the same, or changed in your approach for a clear vision into the future. RedSocks, the security company ,which is specialized in malware detection will be participating to the summit. Learn how you can protect your data today with RedSocks Malware Threat Defender, the RedSocks technical team will demonstrate…

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Redsocks appoints Floris van den Broek as new CEO

Thursday, February 11, The Hague, The Netherlands –RedSocks, the cyber-security company in complete malicious threat defence, today announced the appointment of Floris van den Broek as Chief Executive Officer. An accomplished entrepreneur, executive leader, investor, van den Broek brings over 20 years of experience working with software and revolutionary technology solutions. “I am honored and delighted to join the Redsocks family, the leading market-disrupting software in breach detection with a passionate team, inspired partners” said…

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation is now law!

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has achieved final approval after a long two-year process. With the final draft clearing up a few ambiguities and loose ends, many are calling it a ‘milestone of the digital age.’ Here are a few key points regarding the GDPR: A company can be fined up to 2% for not having their records in order (article 28), not notifying the supervising authority and data subject about a breach…

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RedSocks best public service innovator dutch-it channel award

RedSocks wins the Dutch-IT Channel Award with its Innovative Malicious Threat Detection Solution for Public Organisations

Dutch municipalities of Brielle, Nissewaard and Westvoorne decided to centralise their infrastructures. For Shared Service Centre Syntrophos protecting personal data has become even more important with the introduction of the obligation to report any data leaks. From 1 January 2016, municipalities must have a clear insight into the risks of data leaks, and be able to act quickly if a leak is detected. RedSocks’ Malicious Threat Detection (MTD) monitors network traffic from the inside out, so threats…

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Dutch govt says no to backdoors, slides $540k into OpenSSL without breaking eye contact

The Dutch government has formally opposed the introduction of backdoors in encryption products. A government position paper, published by the Ministry of Security and Justice on Monday and signed by the security and business ministers, concludes that “the government believes that it is currently not appropriate to adopt restrictive legal measures against the development, availability and use of encryption within the Netherlands.”

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Predictions 2016: Cyber security threats the new normal; security effort not catching up

What does 2016 have in store for businesses and consumers with regards to cyber security threats? A specialist in malware detection, RedSocks’ malware intelligence team has formulated five predictions for the year ahead. These predictions conclude that in 2016, cyber security threats will become the new normal, yet security efforts and behaviours – of both businesses and consumers – will fail to catch up. Hybrid threats using cyber attacks as a battering ram, will continue…

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RedSocks strengthens Malicious Threat Detection with heuristics engine for next-level malware detection

Threats detected even faster through a combination of network traffic behaviour and destination analysis The Hague, 9 December 2015 – RedSocks, the IT security company specialising in malware detection, has announced it has strengthened the RedSocks Malicious Threat Detection (MTD) with a heuristics engine for analysing behaviour and complementing the current network traffic destination analysis. Thanks to a new high-performance database model, detecting new threats now occurs faster, more flexibly and more effectively than ever.…

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Networking at C-level level during trade mission in Japan

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has visited Japan on November 9-10 2015, accompanied by Economic Affairs minister Henk Kamp. Japan is the world’s third-largest economy and the biggest Asian investor in the Netherlands. Trade between the Netherlands and Japan totaled over €11.5 billion in 2014. The delegation had over 120 Dutch companies and knowledge institutions including RedSocks. A trip with Prime Minister Mark Rutte The focus of this trade mission was on sports science, pension management…

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Advanced attack detection: manual vs automated monitoring

Following up on alerts manually generally requires 2-3 hours of remediation, thorough analysis on incident reports, money and an extensive knowledge about protocols. These aspects can be drastically shortened and improved by asking yourself the following question : ” does the log need to be analysed manually or can this be automated?” by Reza Rafati

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RedSocks Recognized as Best Start-up Company of the Netherlands at 2015 Computable Awards

The Hague, The Netherlands– Nov 3, 2015 – RedSocks, the IT security company specialising in detecting and defeating malware today announced that it won 2015 Computable Awards, for Best Start-up Company of the year. The awards were presented during the 2015 Computable Awards Gala held on Nov 2, 2015 in Utrecht, NL. “We are honored to be named Best Start-up company of the year by Computable readers and editors,” Tjeerd Bloembergen, CEO of RedSocks. “Experience…

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RedSocks introduces virtual Malware Threat Defender (vMTD) based on the growing need for virtualised security solutions

RedSocks, the IT security company specialising in malware detection, has expanded its product portfolio to include the virtual Malware Threat Defender (vMTD). The existing Malware Threat Defender (MTD) will now have this virtual brother to protect virtualised IT environments against cyber threats from the inside. The RedSocks vMTD will also meet the growing market demand for security solutions which can be scaled up at extremely high speed, without having to install new racks of appliances.…

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IPACSO AWARDS-Europees Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards.

RedSocks has made it to the finals in the category Most Innovative Cyber Security Product of 2015. On Thursday the 22nd October, the winners will be announced in Brussels. Surrounding the award ceremonies the consortium has set up an agenda with inspiring presentations and panel discussions on innovative new research, ideas, approaches, methods and methodologies in the domains of cyber security and privacy.

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Cyber Security Mission MP Rutte 9-13 November 2015 – Japan Cyber ​​security mission to Japan with Prime Minister Mark Rutte 9 t / m November 13, 2015. RedSocks is selected as a participant in the Economic Mission.

9 t/m November 13, 2015 there will be an economic mission to Japan under the leadership of Prime Minister Mark Rutte. One of the focus sectors during the mission will be cyber security. Cyber ​​Security is a prime area where the Netherlands and Japan meet each other. This mission puts The Netherlands as an international expert in Japan on the map with its european nternet hub, and an international expert center for legislation and regulation…

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