RedSocks Security Economic Mission Japan 2016 Cyber Security Sector

RedSocks Security contributes to Economic Mission Japan 2016 Cyber Security Sector

The Hague, 24 November 2016- From 11-16 December, Floris van den Broek, RedSocks Security CEO will represent RedSocks Security as an important player in the Dutch IT Security sector during the Economic Mission Japan 2016. This mission is led by Maarten Camps, Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The Japanese economy is growing and the Japanese government has a list of priorities in preparation for the future. Japan intends to increase local food production and has ambitious plans to modernize their agriculture and become a major player in the international market. This makes Dutch knowledge and experience in the area of agriculture attractive to Japan. Additionally, in terms of Cyber Security, Japan is working to digitally transform their industrial and commercial infrastructure, which emphasizes the importance of information security.

The Economic Mission in December 2016 is a step towards the objective of the Dutch Cyber Security Partnership for Japan (DCSP) to assist in the establishment of a resilient Cyber Security infrastructure in preparation for, among others, the 2020 Olympics. This mission is also a stepping-stone for members of the Partners for International Business (PIB) program with the focus on Cyber Security in Japan.


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About RedSocks Security:

RedSocks Security is a Cyber Security solutions provider and a member of The Hague Security Delta based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Founded in 2012, RedSocks Security designed and engineered Malicious Threat Detection based on hourly updates of over 50,000 malicious indicators. This enables customers to monitor malicious behaviors and destinations of information leaving their organization networks. In 2015 RedSocks Security won the award for Best Start-Up company in The Netherlands and is nominated as Best Security Provider in 2016.

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